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SFF Branding Kit 

Logo Variations

Please use one of the below logos when referencing Sims-Fayola foundation. Please refrain from modifying our branding colors. There should always be a hyphen between the words Sims and Fayola when referencing the brand in text. It should appear like this: Sims-Fayola Foundation.

sims fayola all white logo.png
sims-foundation-logo variation-1_2_orig.png

Primary Colors 

Hex: #F1C500
Pantone: 7406
CMYK: 0, 13, 100, 1
RGB: 241, 197, 0

Hex: #6d0000
Pantone: 1810
CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 57
RGB: 109, 0, 0

Headshots & Bios

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