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Arvian Harper

Chief Operating Officer


CHAMPION MINDSET: Our pursuit of greatness is fueled not just by our individual efforts but by our collective commitment.

Hey, it's Arivan Harper!

I'm all about soaking up knowledge, and I've been diving into the world of education for over 15 years. Yep, I'm that person who loves to learn and help others do the same. As a servant leader and a change agent, I'm all about shaking things up to build systems that work for everyone. Let's challenge the norm, right?

Here's a fun twist: I'm not just your education enthusiast. I'm also a certified yoga instructor and a mindfulness-based stress reduction leader. Mental wellness is my jam! When I'm not wearing my educator or mindfulness hat, you'll find me chilling with my high school sweetheart-turned-hubby. We've got two amazing kiddos and a whole bunch of pets keeping our lives interesting.

Life's a journey, and I'm here to make sure it's a good one, especially for students of color who often get the short end of the stick in our education system. Let's make a positive impact together

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