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The Brilliance Collective - Los Angeles

The Achievement Initiative Foundation's affiliate, The Brilliance Collective - Los Angeles, addresses the opportunity disparities for young men of color in underserved communities. Our mission is to cultivate successful, positive role models who contribute to school, communities, and life. By providing vital resources, knowledge, and a lasting support system, we empower these young men to make a positive impact. Our holistic approach focuses on social-emotional learning, a growth mindset, mentoring, and knowledge building. Utilizing the BIPOC BP curriculum and AIF Step-by-Step Mastery Program, we emphasize Ancestry, Attitude of Gratitude, Education, Financial Knowledge, Social Action, Mentorship, and Community. Completing the program earns Brilliance Badges in character, integrity, and accountability. As they progress, our mentors maintain relationships and build a supportive network.


The Los Angeles Unified School District allocates $36.5 million for black student achievement, with $1 million for community partnerships. AIF contributes to this investment, employing a "Tried and True" development approach. Our aim is to equip young men of color with life skills to address community disparities. The AIF provides support in financial literacy, cultural identity, and personal transformation, enabling access to scholarships, internships, and robust community connections. We ensure each young man has an individualized education plan and mentorship regimen, preparing them for the next phase of life, whether college, trade school, entrepreneurship, or military service. Our mission is to guide and support every young man on their educational journey, building lifelong connections for lasting success.


In School Programming

The Achievement Initiative Foundation is built to resolve the disparity in opportunities that exist for young men of color in underserved communities. The Black, Indigenous People of Color Brilliance Project (BIPOC) mission is to ensure that these young men are successful, effective, positive role models and contributors at school, in their communities, and in life. We believe that by giving these young men access to vital resources, necessary knowledge, and a support system that will last a lifetime, they will feel confident within and powerful enough to make a change in the world they live in. The program focuses on seven key components of development in young men of color; Ancestry, Sense of Obligation, Education, Financial Knowledge, Social Action, Mentorship, and Community. Each step encompasses a curriculum-driven pathway to acquiring Brilliance Badges in multiple areas of character, integrity, and accountability.

Addressing Social-Emotional Learning/growth mindset

● Step 1: Who am I? - ancestral explorational, journey through self-reflection and untapped potential and cultural awareness.

● Step 2: Attitude of Gratitude - appreciating where you come from and planning where you plan to go.

● Step 3: Education - innovation, knowledge of the unknown, mental/physical health, growth mindset, life skills, college applications, networking, interviews.

● Step 4: Application of Financial Knowledge - budgeting, financial services, credit, coin recognition/value, goals, identity theft, investments, etc.

● Step 5: Social Action - responsible listening, respectful empathic debate, collaborative creativity, reflective improvement.

● Step 6: Mentorship - training and development leadership,

● Step 7: Community - giving back to the program by becoming a Brilliance Ambassador, getting involved in their communities, project planning, organization development, and nonprofit.

For more information you can contact out Program Director Daiman Johnson via email at

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