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Who We Are

Established in 2014 as a 501(c)(3), the Sims-Fayola Foundation is on a mission to redefine the narrative for young men and boys of color. Fearlessly taking on the challenge, we confront the educational and societal obstacles that impede their life outcomes. Through innovative programming, awareness campaigns, and strategic partnerships with community foundations, organizations, schools, and districts, we tackle these persistently stubborn issues. Guided by our three pillars—Building Awareness, Building Equity by Design, and Building Capacity—we aim to reshape the trajectory of young lives. Our commitment revolves around providing direction, education, guidance, resources, direct support, and, ultimately, tangible relief. By doing so, we aspire to transform the futures of these young men, ensuring they mirror the dreams they envision. The Sims-Fayola Foundation is not just an organization; it's a force driving positive change and empowerment for a brighter future.

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