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Sims-Fayola Foundation


The Sims-Fayola Foundation is pleased to offer the following scholarships to young men of color who are high school seniors: Ellis-Wade Scholarship, Terrence Mixon Scholarship, Sims-Fayola Foundation Scholarship, Sergeant Major Don Quandt Scholarship, and Colonel Nick Pizzuti Scholarship. The Sims-Fayola Foundation will award the scholarships to provide outstanding young men some financial support to complete an undergraduate college education in any discipline area of their choice. The number of scholarships will be based on the amount of money we raise. Each scholarship will be funded at equal amounts.

​The application window for all three scholarships opens annually on March 1, and closes on April 15. Selection will be based on demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and essays. 

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Ellis-Wade Scholarship

Terrence Mixon Scholarship

Sims-Fayola Foundation Scholarship

Sergeant Major Don Quandt Scholarship

Colonel Nick M. Pizzuti Scholarship

Available to graduating high school seniors residing in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

This scholarship is to honor two women who raised a visionary and educational architect, Dedrick Sims, Founder/CEO of the Sims-Fayola Foundation. 


Ms. Brenda Diane Ellis, the late mother of Dedrick Sims, and Mrs. Betty Wade, his late grandmother, embody strength, grit, resilience, and determination that inspire his work as he leads the foundation.

Available to graduating high school seniors residing in Mobile, Alabama. 

This scholarship is to honor Mr. Mixon who believed in Dedrick Sims, offering him his first opportunity to teach at Lillie B. Williamson High School in Mobile. 


Principal Mixon allowed Sims to grow as an educator under his tutelage where Dedrick started the Young Men of Distinction Program.  Mr. Mixon now serves as the Executive Director of Student Support Services for Mobile County Public Schools.

Available to graduating high school seniors residing in the Denver or Atlanta Metropolitan areas.


The three pillars that support the work of the foundation are: Advocacy and Awareness, Capacity Building, & Education. 


Hence, this scholarship will be awarded to a young man who embodies and demonstrates their leadership by advocating for others, serves as a leader in their community committed to building the capacity of others, and values the importance of education.

Available to young men in the Denver Metropolitan area.

This scholarship is made in the memory of CSM Don Quandt who had a long and much loved career in the military and spent many years  in Special Forces as a Green Beret.  


Don had a long and valued friendship with our CEO, Dedrick Sims. Don was passionate about advocating for others and his willingness to help anyone in need. Don's family's wish is that on behalf of Don, this scholarship will be awarded to a young man who desires to be an inspiration to others in their community.

Available to young men in the Denver metropolitan area.

This scholarship is made in the memory of Colonel Nick Pizzuti. As an officer in the military and a member of Special Forces as a Green Beret, Nick was a model of determination.  


He always loved mentoring young people who faced adversity.  Nick’s hope would be that this scholarship would make a positive impact on a young man’s life who is determined to make a difference in the lives of others.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

We want to ensure that scholarship opportunities are available to our boys beyond the walls of the Sims-Fayola Foundation. Below you will find a link to scholarships across the Nation. We urge you to apply and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the respective schools.

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