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Meet The Team

Join the Sims-Fayola family and unleash your Championship Mindset as a team member ready to impact the world of young people in our community! Our mission is no ordinary quest – we're on a mission to upgrade life outcomes for young men of color by tackling: educational inequities and institutional barriers. As part of our dynamic team, you'll be the driving force young minds need. Get ready for fun, impact, and a chance to rewrite the story. Join the Sims-Fayola crew and let's make changing lives the best adventure ever!

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Dr. Dedrick Sims

Chief Executive Officer 

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: On winning teams, everyone owns their lanes!


Arvian Harper 

Chief Operating Officer

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: Our pursuit of greatness is fueled not just by our individual efforts but by our collective commitment.


Preston Littlejohn

My Brother's Keeper Coordinator

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: Champions are born, not made!


Joy Sims

Director of Human Resources and Operations

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: No one person is greater than the whole. Collectively, we can achieve anything with hard work, our why in the forefront, and perseverance.


Jason Murdock

Director of Programs

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: "I never lose! I either win, or I learn!" - Nelson Mandela


Katherine Anderson

Executive Assistant and Parent Liason

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: Champions are made by their passion and persistence.


Xavier Foster 

Empowerment Coach

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: “Heart in champions has to do with the depth of our motivation and how well your mind and body react to pressure – that is, being ableto do what you do best under maximum pain and stress.” – Bill Russell


Dr. Vizier Kamau LuQman

EAYD/Mentorship Coordinator and Empowerment Coach

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: UBUNTU: “I am, because we are.”


Markell Lucas

Director of Professional Learning

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: A championship mindset is eliminating your ego, knowing your role and how it supports the team, and knowing when to make sacrifices that put the team in the best position possible to win. 


Brian Castillo

Empowerment Coach

CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: "Success will forever and always begin with the secondletter, U."

Board Members 

Sims-Fayola's board members dedicate their time with purpose, fueled by a shared commitment to transform lives. The Foundation's mission, focused on young men of color, calls for addressing root causes like educational inequities and institutional barriers. Each board member plays a pivotal role in catalyzing systemic change, contributing to a collective effort that resonates through communities. By investing time and expertise, Sims-Fayola's board members actively participate in a movement that believes in the profound impact of community-driven change. Together, they are instrumental in creating a world where young men of color not only survive but thrive, reshaping the future for generations to come

Jeffrey Bolling 


Mollie Hadding Mulberry

Board Member at Large 

Brandon Hunter

Board Member at Large 

Dana Smith


Richard Lewis 


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