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Joy Sims

Director of Human Resources and Operations


CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: No one person is greater than the whole. Collectively, we can achieve anything with hard work, our why in the forefront, and perseverance.

Hey ya'll, I'm Joy Sims! 

New Orleans is my hometown, born and raised, and you better believe I bleed black and gold – proud Saints fan right here!

So, get this – I'm not just your average retiree; I've worn a few hats in my time. Teacher? Check. Caterer? Yep. Personal chef? You betcha. But the real magic happens in the kitchen – I'm a chef, and I live for that moment when folks take a bite and break into a big ol' smile. It's the best feeling ever! When I'm not whipping up something delicious, you'll find me soaking up the good vibes with my family. We're all about those cozy gatherings, especially if there's food involved – you know how it is.

Oh, and I'm a bookworm too. Give me a good read, and I'm in my happy place. But let me tell ya, there's nothing like the joy of being outdoors, especially on a beach. Sun, sand, and a good book – now that's my kind of day!

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