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Markell Lucas

Director of Professional Learning


Championship Mindset: 

A championship mindset is eliminating your ego, knowing your role and how it supports the team, and knowing when to make sacrifices that put the team in the best position possible to win. 

Hey There, I'm Markell Lucas!

I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan, and I've spent some time living in Flint too, which has had a big impact on who I am. Detroit, though, holds a special place in my heart - it's like my home base, and Flint played a significant role in shaping who I've become.

In my free time, you'll catch me playing a lot of basketball and keeping up with sports on TV. I'm also into staying fit and diving into some good books. I really dig reads that focus on self-improvement and education.

I'm super dedicated to the meaningful work happening at Sims-Fayola. Our mission is all about changing up how society sees young men of color, and that mission really fires up my passion for the impactful work we're doing.

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