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Preston Littlejohn

My Brothers Keeper Coordinator


CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: Champions are born, not made!

Hey there, I'm Preston Littlejohn!

Your go-to guy for empowerment and a proud My Brother's Keeper Coordinator at Sims-Fayola Foundation. I've been in the kid-mentoring game for over 15 years, both in my community and at my church.

You know what I'm all about? Sports! I love watching them and soaking up all the awesome life lessons they bring along. Back in high school, I stood out as a leader and even snagged the Who's Who of America award for my smarts, leadership, and empathy. Yep, only 10 people per state get that honor each year. For a whopping 17 years, I've been in the trenches, working with kids who need a guiding hand and mentorship. It's my jam to help out those who might be getting overlooked — whether it's feeding and clothing the homeless or being there for troubled youth who need someone to look up to.

But here's the real deal: my biggest superpower is spreading unconditional love to everyone. I believe it's the cure for our hurting world. So, count on me to keep giving it my all, helping people discover their value and purpose in this crazy adventure we call life!

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