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Dr. Dedrick Sims

Chief Executive Officer

Champion Mindset: On winning teams, everyone owns their lanes!

Hey There I'm Dr. Dedrick Sims!

I'm currently rocking the role of Chief Executive Officer at the Sims-Fayola Foundation. Our mission? It's all about improving the life outcomes of young men and boys of color, and making sure youth professionals partnering with them are at the top of their game.

Now, my journey in education kicked off 24 years ago in a high school classroom, starting as a substitute. Since then, I've worn quite a few hats – High School Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Secondary Curriculum Administrator, Master Lead Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Alternative School Teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Principal of both traditional and charter public schools, and even a school Founder.

Beyond the classroom hustle, I've been part of some cool professional development gigs like Leadership Denver, KIPP Principal Leadership Program, Harvard's Project Zero, and more. I've also dipped my toes into non-profit work and authored three books. Yep, three!

As the Sims-Fayola Foundation CEO, I'm all about spreading the knowledge. I've impacted over 12,000 young men and boys of color and coached more than 5,500 professionals nationwide. Oh, and did I mention I've designed and founded three charter schools in Arkansas, Colorado, and Louisiana?

Community-wise, I've been part of various commissions, councils, and boards, always pushing for positive change. I've even been spotlighted by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the 100 Modern BE Men of 2018 and recognized for "Random Acts of Kindness" in 2020. Plus, I love hitting the golf course, reading, traveling, and belting out some karaoke tunes!

And hey, education-wise, I earned my stripes with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, plus M.S. and Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Development from the University of South Alabama. Also, did a stint as an officer in the United States Army and proudly rep Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

That's me in a nutshell – education, leadership, community impact, and a dash of karaoke fun!

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