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Cody Hopkins 

Empowerment Coach 


CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET: “Wowačiŋtanka"(perseverance) will callous the mind and "Čatewašake"(fortitude) will give you courage in those times of hardships. Anything is possible!”

Hey there, I'm Cody Hopkins 

Hey there! I'm Cody Hopkins, or as my Lakota people call me, Tatanka Omani (Walking Buffalo). Originally hailing from South Dakota's Oglala Lakota tribe, I've always been drawn to helping others find their light.

Before landing here at Sims-Fayola, I spent some awesome time working with non-profits that empower young folks and marginalized communities. My own journey out of tough times showed me the importance of having someone guide the way, and that's what I want to do for our young kings!

It's not just about me sharing my story of perseverance, though.  Learning from these amazing young men is just as important. We're all connected, and by building relationships and understanding each other, we can overcome anything life throws our way.

Speaking of connections, my Lakota heritage is a huge part of who I am. You can find me riding horses, creating beautiful beadwork, or soaking up the good vibes at pow-wows and community gatherings.  And when I'm not connecting with my culture, I'm out in nature – camping, fishing, hiking – anything to get my dose of fresh air!

Life's a precious gift, and I believe in chasing those dreams. Let's make it happen together!

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