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Accepting the Challenge & Changing the Narrative

We are all aware of the myriad of dismal statistics that are associated with young men and boys of color as it relates to life outcomes and school success. The stubbornly persistent narrative for this population has been: 

* Low graduation rates.
* High drop out rates.
* High incarceration rates (School-To-Prison Pipeline).
* Low college attrition.
* Disproportionally high suspension and expulsion rates.


The Sims-Fayola Foundation was launched in 2014 to help change this narrative.  We boldly accept the challenge to improve the lives of young men and boys of color by addressing the obstacles (educational and community) that directly affect their life outcomes. We use original programming and awareness campaigns, partner with established community foundations and organizations, and individual schools and districts to address these stubbornly persistent issues for urban males. Our desired outcome is to provide direction, education, guidance, resources, direct support, and ultimately relief in these areas so the futures of these young men look like their dreams.


Our mission is to improve the life outcomes of young men and boys of color and increase the capacity of those who work with them to provide their services through an equity and gender specific lens.

Our vision through original programming, professional development, and public advocacy & awareness programs, we will work with young men and boys of color, and those who work with them to improve their capacity to make their futures look like their dreams and design experiences that are considerate of gender, equity, and the unique experiences of students of color.

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