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Connecting with Your Sons Workshop Series

2-hour Workshop

Connecting with your sons is a series of active 2-hour workshops that help parents learn more about the uniqueness of their boys. Based on the research in male emotional intelligence, male motivation development, and the male brain, the Sims-Fayola Foundation link practical solutions with research from experts on male development for parents. The workshops also include ways for every parent to understand and influence how their own boy is doing in terms of the correct learning environment, how boys are motivated, how to use the arts and athletics to teach boys (whether or not they are sensitive boys, aggressive boys, restless or bored boys), and how to best utilize the essential role of the parent, teacher, and community. Moving effortlessly between the theoretical and the practical, these workshops also tackle social and cultural issues facing our young men and boys of color as well as how to challenge schools and the media to see boys fully and fairly.

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